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Sunset Beach ERC Muzzled on Dredging

Posted on April 6, 2017

By Laura Lewis, brunswickbeacon

Annual dredging of Charleston Harbor continued Tuesday, as the Army Corps of Engineers works to maintain the proper depth in the busy shipping channel.

Harbor depth has been constantly on the minds of state and local leaders in recent years, as they’ve fought for federal approval to deepen the channel.

Work will begin in December to deepen the harbor to 52 feet, making it the deepest on the east coast, and allowing the largest of freight ships to use the Port of Charleston.

That will mean more products from all over the world can be shipped to and from the Port of Charleston, putting billions of dollars and the long-term health of South Carolina’s economy at stake.

Congress approved funding for the project in September 2016. Meanwhille, work must continue to maintain the harbor for the thousands of ships that already use it.

In the video in this article, ABC News 4’s Ashley Blackstone and photojournalist Jason Tighe take a look at the work the Army Corps of Engineers does, removing two to three million cubic yards of material every year.

Source: The Brunswick Beacon

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