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South Africa: Durban Harbour Gears Up for Megaships

Posted on October 14, 2015

By Kaveel Singh, AllAfrica

The Durban Harbour will undergo major maintenance to its docking sites to handle its increasing traffic of megaships, the Transnet National Port Authority has said.

With massive ships now entering Durban Harbour, the ports authority said ongoing efforts had been made to address “shallow spots”.

In a statement, Durban Port Manager Moshe Motlohi said: “The vessels calling at our ports have gotten bigger and therefore require deeper draughts. But they also cause challenges for ports because of the manner in which they more aggressively displace material from the sea bed, thus causing shallow spots.

“Shallower berths can cut into the vessel payloads of ship owners because it means they cannot sail into the port with their vessels fully laden and have to wait for high tide to sail or berth.”


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