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Shoaling has Made Humboldt Bay’s Entrance Very Dangerous

Posted on April 7, 2016

By Grant Scott-Goforth, North Coast Journal

The entrance to Humboldt Bay has become dangerous for fishing boats and impassable for larger ships, thanks to winter conditions that created massive shoals off the jetties.

Two or three cargo ships have already been turned away, said Harbor District CEO Jack Crider, and another chip ship is due April 20. It’s unclear if that ship will be able to land, given the current conditions and no remedy coming until mid-May.

Bar Pilot John Powell announced last week that he checked soundings, used to measure depth, at the entrance to the bay and in the channel Friday, and “came to the conclusion that it is unsafe for Deep Draft Vessels to call on the Port of Humboldt Bay until dredging can be completed.”


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