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Sections of Danube River Identified Where Dredging Works Required

Posted on September 15, 2015

“Danube River level is a serious topic. There were sections identified even in our previous mandate, where dredging works are required,” said Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communication Ivaylo Moskovski, speaking with journalists before the start of the official ceremony on the inauguration of the River Information System for the Bulgarian section of the Danube River (BULRIS) in district centre Ruse, FOCUS News Agency reported.
“As soon as the Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River has the resources in its budget, we will engage in such activities yet, as of now, we do not have them. There is considerable pressure on the part of the European Commission (EC) and we will do anything possible so that such resources are envisaged next year,” Moskovski stated.
In his words, a joint Bulgarian-Romanian project existed yet the EC did not approve the environmental impact assessment.

“Two conceptions existed in the past, which were contained in the bilateral memorandums of understanding. One of the conceptions is related to construction yet the economy ministries were the leading [institutions] in it. It is linked to the construction of hydrotechnical facilities, which call for a different approach to the river. They would require levee construction and control over the river level. The other conception is related to the need of dredging works in the shallow river sections,” the minister noted.

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