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Port of Pascagoula Approves 2016 Budgets for Operations, Rail Improvements and Wood Pellet Export Project

Posted on September 15, 2015

By April M. Havens, gulflive

Jackson County Port Authority commissioners this morning adopted a “more conservative than usual” Port of Pascagoula operating budget of $13.6 million.

“We always budget very conservatively, but with the current downturns in certain cargoes, we were even more conservative than usual this year,” Port Director Mark McAndrews said of the fiscal year 2016 budget.

The port’s 42 staff members will get a 2 percent raise, and salaries will cost about $1.48 million.

The port’s operating fund, which pays for administrative and office expenses, terminal expenses and capital projects, includes “some major maintenance” this year, McAndrews said.


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