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Outer Savannah Harbor Dredging Moves Closer to Home

Posted on November 17, 2016

By Jeremy Buddemeier, dvids

As part of the outer harbor dredging portion of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, the Dredge Illinois was recently repositioned off Cockspur Island in the main navigation channel of the Savannah River. Dredged material is being placed on Jones-Oysterbed Island.

When working further from land, cutter head dredges like the Illinois use a spider barge and scow vessels to remove the dredged material. The dredge pumps material to the spider barge via a floating pipe. The spider barge distributes the material into the scows and tug boats tow the scows to an EPA-designated disposal site, where the material is deposited.

Dredging the outer harbor, which is nearly 30 percent complete, is the first step in deepening the entire 40-mile shipping channel.

Source: dvids

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