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Ohio EPA Says Removing Gorge Dam will Improve Cuyahoga River Quality

Posted on September 30, 2015

By Steve Wiandt, Twinsburg Bulletin

Cuyahoga Falls — To say the removal of the Gorge Dam would be a big project is an understatement.

In an informational meeting that drew some 150 people to the Natatorium on Sept. 24, a consultant hired by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency presented his preliminary findings.

The project would cost upwards of $70 million, according to Kevin Kratt, director of water resources at Tetra Tech. Kratt said there’s no other alternative. The dam has to come down for the water quality of the river to improve, especially for the wildlife.

“The fish and bugs are happier when a dam is removed,” Kratt said.

“We at the Ohio EPA have a mandate to improve water quality,” said Bill Zawiski, an environmental scientist with Ohio EPA. Zawiski said the water conservation movement began 50 years ago on the Cuyahoga River. People travel here from all over the world to see the Cuyahoga River. He said removing this dam is “culturally important.”


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