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NWSC’s Approach to Reviewing WASCO’s Request for an Extension of Dredging Fee

Posted on September 15, 2015

The National Water and Sewerage Commission in its continuous quest to be transparent and accountable to all stakeholders, has decided to adopt the following process for the purpose of reviewing the Water and Sewerage Company Inc.,’s (WASCO’s) application for an extension of the “Dredging Fee”.

This process adopted by the Commission should make it easier for all stakeholders to better comprehend the different stages involved in arriving at a final decision. The process is as follows:

Stage 1: An internal review of WASCO’s documentary evidence to assess its adequacy. If the documents are adequate, then the formal review will commence. Otherwise, further documentation or information will be requested from WASCO.

Stage 2: The Commission’s staff will review and prepare a Draft Decision for submission to the Board of Commissioners.

Stage 3: The Commission’s staff will submit the Draft Decision to the Board of Commissioners for review and approval. Should the Board of Commissioners accept the decision of the staff, then the Draft Decision will be made a public document. If this draft is not accepted, then the Board of Commissioners will refer the Draft Decision back to the staff for further review, clarification and/or justification.

Stage 4: The Draft Decision will be circulated to all stakeholders for comment / feedback.

Stage 5: The Commission’s staff will review public comments, and will prepare a Final Draft Decision which will be presented to the Board of Commissioners for final approval. If the Board of Commissioners accepts the Final Draft Decision, then the final stage of the process is publication.

Stage 6: Upon approval, the Final Decision will be gazetted, and published in at least two newspapers

The National Water and Sewerage Commission believes in being transparent in the exercise of its functions as it is a prerequisite for good governance and sound regulatory decision making.

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