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New Studies Planned on Coastal Erosion and Flood Defences

Posted on March 30, 2017

The Isle of Wight Council is to undertake two studies to understand the future coastal erosion and coastal flood defence needs of Sandown Bay and Ventnor.

Coastal erosion and tidal flooding
The first phase of the studies is comprising information-gathering in relation to the physical and natural environments, including coastal processes, economic data and an assessment of the condition of existing defences.

The Sandown Bay study will focus on the coastal defences which prevent coastal erosion and tidal flooding, covering the coastal area from Yaverland to Shanklin.

The second study will focus on the coastal area of Ventnor, from Monks Bay to Steephill Cove.

Important that people have their say
Executive member for public protection, Cllr Dave Stewart, said:

”We are very interested to know the views of the public about these areas. These studies form part of our commitment to ensure that, with risks set to increase in the future, it is important to develop our priorities for future risk reduction for the Isle of Wight’s coastal communities.

“It is important that people in the community have their say and are able to ask any questions or contribute ideas at this early stage so I would encourage the public to do so. We don’t perceive there to be any imminent danger at the moment, but hopefully the study will give us some better information and we’ll be able to plan for the future.”

Looking at future costs
The aim of the studies is to identify the cost of replacement or alternative coastal defences, consider when future coastal defence schemes would be needed and identifying potential partnership funding sources for those future schemes.

The investigative studies will take place over the coming year.

If you would like to contribute any information you can email the Isle of Wight Council at

The studies follow on from the recent coastal strategy prepared for the West Wight, which identified priority schemes for the coastline from Freshwater to East Cowes. The new studies are smaller in scope and focussed on how future risks can be reduced for communities on the south coast of the Island.

Source: On The Wight

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