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Mouse River Valley Flood Control Study Gets Corps Funds

Posted on May 10, 2016

It’s a significant step forward in reaching flood protection for the Mouse River Valley.

That’s how Governor Jack Dalrymple describes the signing of these documents today.

The Corps of Engineers district commander and the head of the Souris River Joint Board signed papers saying the Corps would share the cost of a federal study of the feasibility of flood protection for the valley.

Colonel Daniel Koprowski said the study will look at all possible methods of better-controlling the Mouse River as it runs through north-central North Dakota.

“Over the next few years we will explore a broad range of options available to reduce flood risks to the communities all throughout the Souris River Valley. From operational changes to the reservoirs in Canada and Lake Darling, to additional storage and levee construction, nothing is off the table at this point.”

Governor Dalrymple praised the involvement of the Corps and the possible infusion of federal funds to pay for the one billion dollar flood control project.

But he also pointed out that the state has already spent more than 200 million dollars in advancing the project to where it is today – with construction on the first three phases of flood control possibly starting in one year.

Members of the state’s congressional delegation said they would continue to press for further federal involvement and funding.

Senator John Hoeven said federal assistance since the flood has surpassed 650-million dollars – nearly as much as the flood protection project will cost – and it makes sense to protect against having to pay for costs of a future flood.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp said flood control has been a long time coming and must be completed to give citizens peace of mind.

The agreement signed today means the Corps of Engineers will study all flood control issues, not any specific plan. 

Source: KXNews

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