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MarineSpace Team-up to Assist Peel Ports

Posted on June 30, 2016

MarineSpace Ltd and Associates commissioned by Peel Ports Group to update Maintenance Dredge Protocol environmental baseline documents and information to inform Marine Protected Area assessments for Mersey and Medway estuaries

MarineSpace Ltd, in associate partnership with HR Wallingford and Bright Angel Coastal Consultants Ltd, are delighted to announce that they have been commissioned by Peel Ports Group Limited1 to update the environmental baseline documents for the Mersey and Medway estuaries in accordance with the Maintenance Dredging Protocol. The updated baseline documents will also include information to support Habitats Regulations Assessments (HRAs) and Marine Conservation Zone Risk Assessments (MCZ RAs) (where required) to support Marine Licence applications for on-going maintenance dredge campaigns.

In addition to updating the environmental baseline documents, the MarineSpace project team will also look at the potential for beneficial use of dredged materials in the Mersey and Medway. The project will also review Peel Ports Group’s responsibilities as a Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW Act) Section 28g and 28i body, and under Section 40 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 (NERC Act).

The team will be led by Ian Reach, who will concentrate upon review of MPAs and nature conservation responsibilities, and will develop the MPA assessments. Dr Mike Dearnaley, John Baugh and John Kirkpatrick from HR Wallingford will provide specialist and technical support regarding maintenance dredging operations and sedimentary processes in the Mersey and Medway estuaries. Roger Morris from Bright Angel Coastal Consultants will provide additional expert advice and revision of baseline documents.

Source: MarineSpace

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