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M.V.Cargo Starts Building New Berth At Yuzhny Seaport

Posted on March 16, 2017

M.V.Cargo has started building berth 25 for the grain terminal of Cargill at the Yuzhny maritime merchandise port (Odesa region).

The corporate relations service of TIS LLC, the co-owner of which founded M.V.Cargo for the implementation of the Cargill project, the length of the new berth will be 385 meters and depth – 16 meters.

“M.V.Cargo has carried out dredging works to create a construction pit for a hydraulic engineering unit of the berth in the amount of 620,000 cubic meters of soil. 100,000 cubic meters more is to be dug,” the company said.

The berth will be able to service vessels of the Postpanamax type to load them with grain.

According to the plan, construction of the berth will be finished during one year. During construction and further operation of the terminal over 500 jobs will be created.

“The terminal is to start operating in spring 2018. These are our commitments to the investor and creditors. This term is also linked to the start of the grain season. M.V.Cargo meets the schedule by 100%,” the corporate relations service said, citing M.V.Cargo Development Director Filip Hrushko.

However, TIS is alarmed with the postponement of a tender for dredging works at the Yuzhny port for March 2017. The start of the operation of the terminal depends on this.

“M.V.Cargo hopes that the tender will be transparent and it will be held in the due time, as more delays would not be accepted by investors… We hope that the top priority for foreign investment in the Ukrainian economic is obvious for all sides of the process, first, the government. We hope that the approval of the documents would be completed in the near future,” the corporate relations service said.

Source: Open4Business

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