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Lorain Officials Favor On-land Dredging Disposal

Chase Ritenauer and Mitch Fallis

Posted on April 21, 2016

By Katie Nix, ChronicleOnline

City Council wants the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to find alternatives when it comes to dredging the Black River.

At a regular meeting Monday, Council voted unanimously to draft a resolution encouraging the corps to find solutions in which the sediment dredged from the bottom of the river is disposed of on land instead of in Lake Erie.

“Within this notification (the USACE sent to the city) you’ll see that they will be doing open lake dredging, which has brought about a number of debates, and it’s something I don’t support, and it’s something the Ohio (Environmental Protection Agency) doesn’t support,” Mayor Chase Ritenauer said. “Talking with the Ohio EPA last week, they remain in a disagreement with the Army Corps of Engineers.”


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