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Lake Seminole Restoration Dredging – Completed a year ahead of schedule

Posted on December 1, 2020

On October 20th, 2020, Gator Dredging completed the dredging portion of The Lake Seminole Restoration project for Pinellas County, Florida.  The dredging originally had been expected to be completed within 24 months but with Gator Dredging’s experience and efficiency, the dredging was completed twelve months ahead of schedule. The hydraulic dredging began in the North Lobe of the lake and progressed South to Park Blvd vicinity.

The project consisted of the removal of approximately 900,000 cubic yards of sediment from Lake Seminole for water quality improvements.  The material was hydraulically dredged with the Jessie Marie” an Ellicott 670 14-in conventional cutterhead dredge and the “Miranda Jo” an Ellicott 370 10-in conventional cutterhead dredge. At the longest length, the sediment was pumped through 11,000 feet of temporary pipeline to the upland disposal site.

Gator Dredging, headquartered in Clearwater, FL, prior to initiating dredging operations, made improvements to the 684-acre lake by constructing a 27-acre dredged material management area disposal cell where the 900,000 cubic yards of nutrient-rich organic sediment was placed.

With Lake Seminole being the second largest lake in Pinellas County, this restoration project was vital to improve the health of the lake as the organic sediment that has accumulated over time has degraded the water quality.

DMMA of Lake Seminole

Dredge Miranda Jo

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