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Harper Announces the “Quebec Maritime Prosperity” Initiative to Foster Job Creation and Support Quebec’s Maritime Strategy

Posted on August 28, 2015

Today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that a re-elected Conservative government will launch the “Quebec Maritime Prosperity” initiative to foster job creation and support Quebec’s Maritime Strategy. He also announced that as part of this initiative a re-elected Conservative Government will provide funding for the new maritime terminal at the Port of Montreal’s Alexandra Pier, and the expansion of the Ross Gaudreault cruise terminal in Quebec City.

“Canada is a trading and exporting nation, and the St. Lawrence River is at the heart of this activity. We also welcome visitors from around the world via this waterway. The ‘Quebec Maritime Prosperity’ initiative will create jobs and support Quebec’s Maritime Strategy, with significant support for cruise ship facilities,” said Mr. Harper. “Our port facilities for cruise companies and our ports on the St. Lawrence River are critical for the prosperity of Quebec and all of Canada.”

The “Quebec Maritime Prosperity” initiative supports the Maritime Strategy of the Government of Quebec, which aims to create 30,000 jobs by 2030. World class port infrastructure is required for the development of maritime tourism, in order to attract international cruises here at home. The initiative will also contribute to protecting Quebec’s maritime heritage, a jewel of our history, by improving access to the River and the waterfront by way of future investments, and by supporting maritime conservation and marine research.

These new investments build on the Harper Government’s strong record of supporting Quebec’s maritime infrastructure. This includes recently announced expansion projects at the Port of Montreal, the Port of Quebec City and the Port of Trois-Rivières, for a total of more than $120 million under the National Infrastructure Component of the New Building Canada Plan. Those projects will also support Quebec’s Maritime Strategy by substantially increasing Canada’s competitiveness and boosting our economic growth. A re-elected Conservative Government will also continue to carry out the new Ports Asset Transfer Program, announced on April 24, 2015, to build stronger communities through local port ownership. The Program will facilitate the transfer of 50 port facilities to local interests and supports Quebec’s Maritime Strategy.

“Thomas Mulcair is a career politician who doesn’t even know what the tax rates are in Canada – he only knows that he wants to raise them. Mulcair and his NDP propose reckless plans with no costing details that will set Quebec, and all of Canada, back. We can’t trust him,” said the Prime Minister.

“Justin doesn’t understand the role of a Prime Minister, the challenges faced by a government and the consequences. They’re not issues for beginners”, said Prime Minister Harper. “He’s just not ready.”

“Only the Harper government will continue to be a partner to ensure Quebec’s prosperity while respecting provincial areas of jurisdiction.”

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