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GPC Launches Investigation into Harbour Safety

Posted on July 12, 2016

By Declan Cooley, The Observer

GLADSTONE Ports Corporation plans to launch an investigation into what can be done to improve the safety of large vessels passing through the Clinton Channel in front of RG Tanna Wharf.

With a gap of only 80 meters separating passing vessels with those berthed at the wharf and increased traffic from Wiggins Island Coal Terminal, GPC hopes to find options that will continue to make the passage safe for all involved.

Currently, the displacement of water by the passing vessels can create conditions where there is the potential risk of vessels breaking lines and moving off the RG Tanna Wharf.

In a statement released by GPC, it said vessels were travelling through at reduced speeds and had extra escort tugs on hand.

But the port is after something more permanent and it hopes the Clinton Vessel Interaction Project will provide it with the answers.

“As part of the investigation, a preliminary study involving geotechnical and geochemical analysis to determine the nature of soil materials in the Clinton Channel will be undertaken in July 2016.”

“A large jack up barge will be mobilised from Wednesday 13 July 2016, with sampling to be undertaken for a period of approximately 11 days.”

GPC’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Michael Galt confirmed that GPC is currently looking at developing the channel.

“Following a full investigation, should the approved option require dredging works to be carried out, a full approvals process would be undertaken in conjunction with the State and Commonwealth Governments,” Mr Galt said.

Source: The Observer

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