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Edgartown Great Pond Dredging Begins

Posted on February 28, 2017

On Thursday, a crew started dredging the Edgartown Great Pond. Paul Bagnall, marine biologist and shellfish constable for the town of Edgartown, told The Times that plans are to open the Edgartown Great Pond to the ocean around March 15, weather permitting. The dredging is paid for by the Edgartown Ponds Foundation, with work being done under town-held dredging permits. “Edgartown Great Pond is the beneficiary with improved water quality,” Mr. Bagnall said.

According to the Great Pond Foundation, they have doubled their efforts to move sand since last year and have finally reached the beach.

“We then turned the dredge around and are in the process of cutting a new channel back towards the Pond. This leaves a slice of sand, similar to a piece of pie, in between the two channels,” the foundation wrote on their website.

They expect to be done with the work some time next week.

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