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Dredging is ‘Years Away’ at Best, Says Consultant

Posted on April 20, 2017

The dredging of the entrance to Brisbane Water is “some years away, or may not happen at all”, a local planning consultant has claimed.

Funds for the dredging have not been reserved in the current budget and would not be considered by Central Coast Council before next financial year, according to Ms Helen Monks, director of Highlight Consulting.

However, the council was “not progressing this”, she sad. Ms Monks said the funding was expected to be considered by incoming councillors late this year when they formulate the 2018-19 draft budget. “That budget would be fi nalised in autumn-winter after public consultation during late summer 2018,” she said.

“The item may or may not survive the competitive budgetary process. “If included within the budget, Council may then seek funding for an integrated investigation. “Again, such State funding may or may not be available. “Any actual work on any part of the estuary is therefore some years away, or may not happen at all.”

Source: Coast Community News

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