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Cohasset Harbor to be dredged in October

Posted on August 10, 2015

By Johanna Seltz, The Boston Globe

Dredging in Cohasset Harbor is now scheduled to begin in October and to end 10 to 12 weeks later, according to the Army Corps of Engineers. The federal agency awarded a $1.7 million contract in July to H2H Associates of Troy, N.Y., to do the work, which consists of removing about 62,000 cubic yards of sandy sediment, from an 8-foot-deep entrance channel, a 7-foot-deep anchorage area, and three 6-foot-deep anchorages in the harbor. The maintenance work is intended to improve navigation in the busy harbor. Local officials have been trying for several years to get the harbor dredged, noting that boats have to carefully time their arrivals and departures so they don’t run aground. The dredged material will be pumped through a 1.5-mile-long pipeline to Sandy Beach, where it will be used to replenish eroded beach areas, according to a press release from the Army Corps.


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