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CNPPID Considers Larger Dredge, Curtails Proposed J-2 Project

Posted on August 4, 2016

The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District’s board of directors approved a staff recommendation to return a dredge that has been used for most of the summer to remove sediment from Jeffrey Lake and to solicit bids for a larger dredge on a lease/purchase basis.

Gothenburg Division Manager Kevin Boyd told the board that the 8-inch dredge currently being leased by Central has been “okay and performed as expected,” but a larger dredge would enable Central to remove a greater volume of material in a shorter time.

Boyd displayed a table that compared dredge capabilities and said a different dredge would have several features that would make it a better investment for Central.

“Another dredge could be more versatile and better suited for use in other areas along Central’s system, including at the Diversion Dam, in the Supply Canal, irrigation canals, and at other lakes where sediment issues exist,” Boyd said.

Boyd said his recommendation was also based on having a dredge with a larger engine, greater cutting depth, a different propulsion system and a self-cleaning feature on the debris guard which, he said, would save down-time during dredging operations.

Central initiated dredging activities at Jeffrey Lake near Brady in early May on a project to improve the lake’s operational, recreational and aquatic habitat aspects. Silt and sediment accumulations in the lake over the past 75 years had reached the point that dredging became necessary. The dredge now in use will be returned to the manufacturer by Aug. 12.

Source: KNEB

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