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Dredging the Brahmaputra: Dredger to Arrive from USA by January 31

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Posted on January 5, 2021

GUWAHATI: Every year, the floods in Assam wreak havoc on the lives of lakhs of people, destroying homes and livestock. These deadly floods also result in the death of several animals in the Kaziranga National Park and other flood-affected regions.

A possible solution to this chaos and mayhem has been taken by the Government of Assam. Because the Brahmaputra River carries a lot of river sediments, it leads to more erosion, and the bed level rises. The possible dredging of the
river could dig out the sediments, thereby increasing the water retention of the river. Consequently, the pressure on the banks would be reduced lessening the extent of flood and erosion.

The dredger to be used for the purpose will be arriving from the USA by January 31 by way of sea. To be provided by Ellicott Dredges, the device’s installation and operation will be supervised by the firm’s representatives in India.

Assam Minister for Water Resources, Keshav Mahanta has said, “Removal of silt in the Brahmaputra is expected to make a change in the situation. The dredger from the US is expected to arrive next year.”

However, the Central Water Commission has earlier filed a report disagreeing with the exercise. In addition to that, an eight-member committee headed by former Professor of Gauhati University, Dulal Goswami, has also disagreed with the decision.

Source: guwahatiplus

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