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Case Study | Techase Completed Gexianhu River Silt Dredging Project

Posted on November 12, 2020

The river and lake scenery is always unique among the numerous sceneries. However, with the rapid development of urban economy, river and lake resources have been repeatedly damaged in economic development, and river pollution has become more and more serious.

People have paid much attention to the loss of water resources caused by economic development. During the critical period of river improvement, river improvement projects are blooming all over the country.

Gexianhu, an important site for people to do exercise, is located in the west of Huayang Town. With the development of the scenic spot upgrading project, it is necessary to enhance the urban green lung function to realize the landscape project, setting sightseeing, greening and service facilities as a whole.

Project Profile

Gexianhu, covers an area of 75000?. The depth of the silt gradually deepens from the shore to the center of the lake. It is estimated that the silt content is about 30,000 m³ (the average moisture content is about 80%) in the current water accumulation area and the deep layer with high moisture content (the moisture content is more than 60%). The project is adopted 2 Techase special filter presses for river and lake named TCYZ500-HD, and the moisture content of final sludge cake can be lowered to 40%. The sludge cake can be used as soil in the scenic area.

Technical Process

Firstly, the silt is transferred to the sludge storage tank through semi-dry desilting; Secondly, the silt in the sludge storage tank is pumped into the solidification field conditioning tank through gravity concentration, and flocculant is added to the conditioning tank to achieve a flow state which is easy to separate sludge and water. Thirdly, the silt is injected into our special filter press through the plunger pump. After high pressure filtration and sludge-and-water separation, the sludge cake with moisture content below 40% appears. Finally, the sludge cake is transported to the park as a terrain reconstruction earthwork.

1.Large Handling Capacity, Lower Moisture Content

The total amount of the silt in Gexianhu is huge, which requires higher treatment requirement equipment. The project adopts Techase special filter press for river and lake, which has large handling capacity, treating about 39m³ of water per hour. The moisture content of sludge cake is lower than 40%.

2.High Integration, Saving Time and Effort

The construction period is short but the task is heavy. The machine adopted by the project has high integration and intelligence, and can be in use immediately, which would save time and money to a large extent.

3.Green Engineering, Environmental and Economical

The process adopted by the project is safe and environmental, and the caloric value of the silt after solidification is relatively high, which can be used as the low caloric value derivative fuel. The chemicals have the effect of removing ascaris eggs, fecal coliforms and heavy metals in the silt, which meets the requirements of argillaceous quality in the standards of land use (agriculture, landscaping and land improvement) and landfill, and finally will produce huge economic and social benefits.

Water adds infinite beauty to every city. As an important carrier of urban development, we have to protect water resources all the time. Techase will continue to provide better solutions for river and lake governance with exquisite craftsmanship and technology, jointly shoulder the responsibility and mission of environmentalists, and continue on the road to environmental protection!

Source: environmental-expert

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