Panel Topics Revealed for the 4th LNG Summit in Oslo!

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Posted March 8, 2019

Join the 4th International LNG Summit in Oslo on June 18th for an intensive day of knowledge-sharing and networking with industry decision-makers and key players in the LNG market. Along with a chance to attend the event, you still have the opportunity to register as a speaker! Market experts, LNG professionals and industry pioneers will be waiting for you to debate and explore such important topics as:

ANEL 1. LNG Market Outlook: Key Development Drivers

Topics to be discussed:

  • Latest Global LNG Market Trends;
  • Norwegian Approach to the Development of LNG Market;
  • Investment Attractiveness of Regional Market;
  • Regulatory Drivers to Increase LNG Production: Global and Local Experiences.

PANEL 2. LNG Bunkering Operations: Expansion and Advancement

Topics to be discussed:

  • Cost-Effective Bunkering;
  • Technological Development of Bunkering Operations;
  • Bunkering Infrastructure Development and Network Expansion;
  • Management of Risk and Safety of Bunkering Operations.

PANEL 3. LNG Infrastructure Development: Solutions and Novelties

Topics to be discussed:

  • Innovative Solutions for LNG Liquefaction Plants: Digital and Operational Improvements;
  • Low-Cost and Efficient Terminal Operations;
  • Bio-LNG Infrastructure: Particularities;
  • Developments and Innovations Regarding FLNG/FSRU.