ABCA Approve Updated Shoreline Management Plan

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Posted March 4, 2019

Updated plan provides newer information on shoreline recession, and land use trends.

After roughly four years, the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority has completed an update of their Shoreline Management Plan (SMP).

Consultations with municipalities and the public began in 2015, and the ABCA board this month approved the new plan.

ABCA officials say the updated SMP provides newer information on shoreline recession rates, and keeps policies current in light of emerging land use trends.

Water and Planning Manager, Geoff Cade, says the "new plan includes up-to-date technical work to accurately reflect natural hazards along the shoreline, policies that reflect current land use trends and provincial policy, and new, clear, consistent, practical, local guidelines."

"It has taken a long time to complete the update process but we wanted to take the time necessary to collect the best information possible and to talk to shoreline residents and municipalities and to respond to public questions, concerns, and comments."

Source: bayshorebroadcasting.caAA