Kenya To Begin Dredging Lake Victoria To Boost Marine Transport

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Posted February 21, 2019

Kenya plans to begin dredging Lake Victoria in the next two months to boost marine transport in east Africa, an official said on Monday.

Abala Wanga, CEO of Lake Region Economic Bloc, told Xinhua in Nairobi that the water level in Africa’s largest fresh water lake is very shallow now to accommodate large cargo and passenger ships.

“The dredging process at Kisumu Port, to at least eight meters deep and 80 meters wide, will revive the marine transport between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania,” Wanga said during the validation of the policy on establishment of Kenya’s county economic blocs.

He said that funding will come from the national government as well as international donors, noting that siltation from pollution has greatly affected marine transportation at Lake Victoria.

Wanga noted that currently only very small boats are plying between the ports of Kisumu in Kenya, Musoma, Mwanza and Bukoba in Tanzania, and Entebbe and Jinja in Uganda.

Once the dredging process is complete, he said, marine transport between the east African countries will become cheaper than through use of land transport.

When the Kisumu Port is rehabilitated, Kenya will be able to export over 1 million liters of petroleum products and 1,000 ship containers per day to the rest of east Africa, Wanga said.

He said removal of water hyacinth will begin soon because the weed has made it difficult for ships to navigate the lake. Enditem