Further Preparatory Work on Dredging Project Expected

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Posted January 31, 2019

File Photo: Darren Kinsella

FURTHER preparatory works for a dredging project in Howth are expected to continue under the 2019 Capital Programme, which is due to be announced in the coming weeks, according to Senator Catherine Noone (FG).

“Moreover, an announcement is also due to be made by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, in the coming weeks, regarding plans for improvements to the East Pier in Howth,” Senator Noone told Northside People.

“The urgent need to dredge Howth harbour is an issue I have been working on for the last number of months, in conjunction with local fishermen in Howth and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

“The build-up of silt has become an urgent issue for local fishermen as it can cause significant damage to fishing vessels. It is also causing difficulties to all those who work in and around the harbour, in addition to members of the yacht club and tourism initiatives, which use the harbour on a regular basis.”

Senator Noone said the Department allocated €100,000 to progress the dredge permitting and preparatory works to Howth Harbour in 2018.

“The Department also went to tender on October 3, 2018 for a consulting engineering practice to bring the project through to planning, environmental permitting and design phase,” she added.

“Should a decision be made to progress the project, this consultant will also be responsible for the supervision of onsite works. The successful tender was commissioned for these works on the December 19, 2018.”

Source: The Dublin People Media Group