GUEST COLUMN: Quieting a Sandstorm (USA - Florida)

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Posted January 16, 2019

Okaloosa County can end the East Pass dredge sandstorm by choosing to direct dredge sand nearby, east and west, with near zero local funds.

East Pass dredge history

Since 2006 Okaloosa Island has received no East Pass sand absent legal challenge. In 2010 John Donovan and David and Rebecca Sherry successfully worked with the Army Corps of Engineers (“Corps”) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (“FDEP”) to bypass dredge sand west toward Okaloosa Island public beaches. We support the 2019 East Pass dredge with an equitable share of the dredge sand to be placed downdrift west.

In January 2018, Okaloosa County formally requested FDEP backpass all East Pass dredge sand east to Destin’s difficult to access and mostly private beaches on Holiday Isle.