Through Snow and Wind, Beach Replenishment Continues in Northern Seaside Park (USA - New Jersey)

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Posted January 16, 2019

Beach replenishment crews were hard at work Monday, spreading freshly-pumped sand along the oceanfront as a dusting of snow was still visible here and there on the beach.

Despite the blustery weather, work was being completed between Stockton and Lafayette avenues in the northernmost portion of town. Much of the beach design was already in place, with the berm stretching more than 200-feet and a tall protective dune placed in front of the borough’s previous dune line.

Waves roared and the wind gusted as crews worked through the day – the work is being performed on a 24 hour basis – as two dredge boats, the RN Weeks and Magdalen are conducting dredging and beachfill operations.

Work is currently underway at two separate locations in town, at its northern and southern ends. The video included with this story shows work at the northern end. Beach access closures include Stockton Avenue, Lafayette Avenue and 5th, 7th and 14th avenues.

Source: Lavellette-Seaside & Ortley Beach