Waterways Ministry Maps Out Plans for New Year

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Posted January 1, 2019

THE Ministry of Waterways and Environment has big plans for the new year.

Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy said the plans included major works to protect Fiji’s coastal areas, riverbanks, drainage works, river dredging and de-silting.

Dr Reddy said the government had allocated quite a substantial amount of money to increase Fiji’s resilience to climate/water-related events, through the provision of drainage and flood mitigation services.

He said their coastal erosion protection program would be done in 25 different villages in the respective divisions.

In the Central Division, these works would be carried out at Bau Island Seawall Rehabilitation, Nananu Village seawall, Qelekuro village seawall, Naloto village seawall, Vatani village seawall, Dromuna village seawall, Anitioki village seawall, Nasilai village seawall, Naisausau village seawall, Matamaivere village seawall, Dravuni village seawall, Soliyaga village seawall, Rukua village seawall and Nawaisomo village seawall.

In the North, Yaroi village seawall, Sasa village seawall, Nakawaga village seawall and Lamiti village seawall, in the Eastern Divison, works will be done in the Qarani village seawall, Tavuki District School village seawall and Namuana village seawall and in the Western Division, works will commence at the Rukurukulevu village seawall, Namoli village seawall, Navolau village seawall and Namatakula village seawall.

Dr Reddy said they would try to complete the projects by the end of next year.

Source: The Fiji Times