Interview with Paul Quinn, VP of Sales for Ellicott Dredges

Posted September 18, 2018

Ellicott Dredges will be a part of the Dredging industry’s future as much as it has been a part of its past, according to Paul Quinn, VP of Sales for Ellicott. He is speaking from experience, since his firm built all the dredges used in the original construction of the Panama Canal, and has been building dredges of all sizes ever since. Ellicott is the world’s largest and oldest designer and manufacturer of portable dredges, with four factories in three countries. Routinely, they export dredges and parts to over a dozen countries every year. As a team member since 2002, Quinn has valuable insight on the global network Ellicott has established since its founding in 1885.

When asked about the role Ellicott plays in the global market, Quinn is focused on the company’s mission to be “an integral part of the industry.” In part, Ellicott accomplishes this goal by helping developing countries like Nigeria, by providing dredges for sand mining, land reclamation, and waterway management projects. In Iraq, following the end of the Gulf War, Ellicott achieved this goal by supplying its products for irrigation and drinking water projects. Presently, in the African landlocked country of Malawi, Ellicott is supplying a dredge and related equipment that will help restore a major Hydroelectric reservoir to its design capacity.

While some think Ellicott is best known for standardized equipment, Quinn is emphatic about Ellicott’s track record for innovation. In addition to keeping an eye on, and responding to, trends in the marketplace, a “very important part of the business is building very large, custom equipment”. Custom builds were most recently executed for corporate and government contracts in Canada, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh. These have included bucket wheel dredges where Ellicott is the world leader.

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