ERDC Receives Sustainability Award

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Dr. Todd Bridges

Posted September 25, 2020

Dr. Todd Bridges and team received the Green Innovation Award for their work on the Lower Atchafalaya River Dredging and Ecosystem Restoration Horseshoe Bend project. Strategic placement of dredged sediment, beginning in 2002, led to development of a 35-hectare island mid-river. A New Orleans District and ERDC project team then generated data and other information regarding the ecosystem, flora and fauna of the island, which is now 43 hectares and supports more than 80 plants and over 20 animal species within four distinct habitat types.

ERDC received two awards in this year’s US Army Corps of Engineers Sustainability Awards Program, marking ERDC’s significant contributions in energy efficiency, sustainable solutions, reduced impacts to the natural environment, and preserving and enhancing our natural resources.