Environmental Dredging In UK Growth Zone

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Land & Water is removing contaminated materials from a bulk terminal berth

Posted September 23, 2020

Land & Water is carrying out a contract to conduct dredging works at Thurrock on the River Thames.

The UK based civil and environmental engineering company will take four weeks to remove contaminated materials from the berth at a marine terminal to enable ships with deeper draught to enter. Client Navigator Terminal Thames is the largest bulk liquid terminal in the UK by throughput volume.

Land & Water will be using it largest long reach excavator, a Hitavhi ZX690, which will be dredging down to -18m cd, the deepest limit the firm can be contracted to carry out.

Land & Water project manager Andy McBride said: "The deep dredging that is involved in this project means that the works need to be carried out by a team with expertise, something that we pride ourselves on as we utilise innovative solutions to meet our client's needs.

"The dredge profile is not straightforward mainly due to the position of Thurrock being at the end of the River Thames and the tide being fast flowing in that area, which can make for a challenging environment. However, our team is looking forward to the challenge."

The Thurrock borough forms part of the Thames Gateway regeneration area, a corridor that has been identified by UK central government as the area with the greatest development and commercial potential in the country. Much of the population and commercial activity is centred along the riverfront, including two refineries, manufacturing industries, a container port, cruise line terminal, distribution warehousing and one of Britain's largest refuse disposal areas.

By Larz Bourne

Source: maritimejournal