Lake Wichita dredging one step closer to happening

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Lake Wichita dredging one step closer to happening

Posted August 12, 2020

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Attractions making Lake Wichita a more appealing place to spend time have been making progress this year. The lakes boardwalk has been completed recently and a future project there would make the lake deeper.

The Lakes Revitalization Committee wants to dredge the lake through selling the soil from the bottom of the lake, to create ecofriendly construction material. Early results from a commissioned study to see if this would be doable are promising.

“He believes the soil is suitable based on his experience based on what’s he’s seen in the past. You know the question is going to be how much sand is going to have to be added to make it a strong block,” David Coleman, with the Lake Revitalization Committee said.

Final results should come back in a few weeks. If green lit, work begins to find someone to buy the building blocks.

In the meantime all eyes are on getting donations to build a veterans memorial plaza.

“Those donations will be matched by the Patterson’s so we are hoping that that will incentivize people to donate,” Coleman said.

The Lake Wichita Revitalization Committee will also be participating in Texoma Gives next month on September 10th.

“We really hope that once again Lake Wichita can once again be a destination where people come for recreation,” Coleman said.

Source: newschannel6now