40% dredging of Nullah Leh completed

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Posted June 18, 2020

Rawalpindi: To avoid expected flooding situation, Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) is continuously removing tonnes of garbage and construction debris from Nullah Leh.

The excavators have been cleaning the nullah from Katrain, Rata Amral, Ganjmandi and Gawalmandi. Furthermore, the dredging work would also be carried out in Pirwadhai, Dhoke Dalal, Phagwari Bridge, City Saddar Road and adjoining areas. The machines are cleaning Nullah Leh from Gawalmandi to Pirwdahi and also cleaning the area from Murree Road to Ratta Amral.

Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) Managing Director, along with the other officials visited the site and reviewed the dredging work of Nullah Leh. An official told this agency that Wasa has completed more than 40 per cent dredging in Nullah Leh.

Source: thenews