COREMAR Group dredges Palermo Port, Colombia

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Posted July 9, 2020

Dredgewire Exclusive

COREMAR Group, owners of Palermo Port Cluster and Retramar (the Port Operators) in Magdalena, Colombia have ordered and taken delivery of an Ellicott 670-42 dredger, sold by Castec in Colombia and recently commissioned by Ellicott.

COREMAR is currently carrying out the dredging in the port of Palermo which is located in the Magdalena Department of Colombia.

The project consists of maintaining the draft of the dock of the port for normal activities. Because the Ellicott 670 model dredger has 42ft (13.5m) digging depth, greater than 11m typical, COREMAR plans to reduce the frequency of dredging versus prior work.

As the ports around Palermo Port also have the same kind of problems with sedimentation, they too are seeing this alternative as a possible solution for their own needs.

Jorge Castellanos is the President of Castec which has represented Ellicott in Colombia for two decades. He commented on the situation as follows:

“Ports in Colombia are growing and they must receive and deliver ships with many goods, from and to different Countries. The draft of their ports is their responsibility which means they usually have to rent dredges to solve this situation.

Having their own dredges guarantees they can maintain their docks and now with the good reputation of Ellicott dredges working close to their ports, they have a great opportunity to solve a problem. Some of the owners of other ports are approaching us, finding out about the 670-42 dredger at Palermo Port.“