City Begins Market Slip Dredging

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The city has partnered with Port Saint John to clean up Market Slip. Photo courtesy the City of Saint John.

Posted May 13, 2020

The City of Saint John and Port Saint John have partnered to dredge Market Slip uptown for the first time since 2004.

The area of the boardwalk next to the volleyball court has the capacity to hold eight docks for pleasure crafts but has been below capacity the past few years due to an excess of debris and garbage.

Work is expected to carry on through the summer, allowing the city to get back to full capacity for boaters looking to dock uptown.

Councillor Gary Sullivan says the work will allow the city to regain its identity.

“Saint John, we call ourselves the Port City. But for the last two years there hasn’t been anywhere for a pleasure craft to tie up in the port,” he said.

As part of the agreement, Port Saint John will look after maintaining Market Slip for 12 years.

Although the pandemic has dulled hopes of a busy tourism season, the city anticipates that agreement means this dredging will allow for years of improved tourist attractions uptown.

“When boats go down to market slip and are around the harbour, it brings other people down (to the area),” Sullivan said.

Sullivan is a life-long boating enthusiast who is excited by the improvement to the city’s facilities. He hopes that by improving this piece of uptown Saint John, the surrounding areas stand to benefit as well.

“It’s one more facility that helps enhance our port, it helps enhance Harbour Passage. There’s one more reason for people to support Fundy Quay,” Sullivan said. “It’s an important piece of our puzzle.”

A temporary access road has been constructed at the volleyball court area to allow trucks to transport the material for disposal. The courts will be restored once work is completed.

The area is expected to be fully functional for small boat docking in July.