Energy Port To Be Built In Netherlands

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The energy port will be run by Port of Amsterdam and IJmuiden Seaport. Photo: Port of Amsterdam

Posted April 22, 2020

A dredge sludge depot in the Netherlands will be developed into an energy port to play a crucial part in realising wind farms in the North Sea and help meet the needs of Europe's energy transition.

The energy port at the former Averijhaven on the sea side of the North Sea Canal, close to the IJmuiden lock complex, will be developed from the government-owned depot by means of a commercial partnership covenant signed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Province of North Holland, the Municipality of Velsen, Tata Steel, the Port of IJmuiden and Port of Amsterdam. Commercial operation of the energy port will be run by Port of Amsterdam and IJmuiden Seaport.

"Many more wind farms will be constructed in the coming years in the North Sea, and the Energy Port forms an essential operational base for their construction and operational maintenance," said the Port of Rotterdam.

"The new Energy Port will, for example, provide support for building the wind farms Hollandse Kust West and IJmuiden Ver off the Dutch coast."

Minster of Infrastructure and Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, said: "The large-scale construction and operational maintenance of sustainable wind turbine farms in the North Sea demand a much greater port capacity. Our collaborative development of the Averijhaven into a modern energy port means that offshore businesses will have all the space they need in the future."

The energy port will have an area of over 15 hectares. Both the existing acreage of the Averijhaven as well as the adjacent Tata Steel site of 5 hectares will be used to create a public port area for offshore wind. In the port area a 580m quay will be installed with 200 metres as heavy duty facility with 12.5m water depth, and 380m standard facility with 10m water depth.

Source: portstrategy