Dongfang Electric piecing together first 7 MW typhoon-resistant offshore wind turbine

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Source: DEC

Posted April 15, 2020

China’s Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) has reported that its first 7 MW offshore typhoon-resistant wind turbine has completed the assembly and commissioning of various sub-systems.

The DEW-D7000-186, developed independently by DEC, has undergone the assembly and commissioning process at the company’s Fujian manufacturing base.

According to DEC, the DEW-D7000-186 model is suitable for certain sea areas which have low-speed winds, strong salt spray corrosion, and strong typhoons.

At present, the model is said to be the largest-capacity typhoon-resistant offshore wind turbine and to have the largest rotor diameter of any turbines designed for the middle and low wind speed regions of China.