Hamburg: the deepening of the Elbe started : Now Pedro dredged Alvares Cabral in the Begegnungsbox

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Posted April 6, 2020

Last week, the suction dredger Pedro, a delivery Alvares Cabral and losbaggern of the land border all the way to Blankenese. With a deadweight of 26,000 tonnes, the Begegnungsbox is to be widened and deepened. The five-kilometre-long track has a width of 385 meters.

From mid-April until the end of June is to be shifted from the Work upstream in the port, in order to conserve the feints stock. However, there is another fish that is not conserved in all of this: the Stint.

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Three small suction dredge also in Hamburg, it is this vacuum the bottom of the Elbe, then to be smoothed with a Schlickegge the Furrows left by the suction Cup. Everything sucks, the excavator, and is disposed in front of the inland island Neßsand then – so, again, unloaded.

support group “Save the Elbe eV”: Stintbestand will always go further back,

Exactly, in this process, conservationists see the Problem. The support group “Save the Elbe eV” fears of a sharp decline in the Stintbestandes. The smelt to be sucked in during the ascent from the sea to their spawning areas increased from the suction dredge and killed. Also, the Dumping in front of Neßsand can kill the fish under the silt mass, and in the port, it is for the smelt is difficult to find a way through the Schlickeggen swirling waters.

The support group predicts that there are only a few adult smelt will manage to save himself in quieter areas. The newly-hatched brood, however, is in the port drive – where the excavator is waiting for you. In may and June, then an oxygen hole should occur, the other guys ink will suffocate. Survivors smelt must then be found in shallow water zones under Hamburg refuge and in the next year, according to the “Save the Elbe eV” then even less of the fish upstream.

The circle is now calling for, among other things, an excavator-stop and trying to save the smelt by their demands. (se)

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