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Posted February 25, 2020

Facility Management Models

Visualize your facility in its real-world context. Collaborate with the design team, stakeholders, and the public. Incorporate model to engineer retrofits, evaluate scour, or assess safety.
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Digital Twins for Marine Surveys

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. leverages survey data acquisition technologies including High Definition Multibeam Sonar, Terrestrial LiDAR, and Geophysical Surveys. This data is modeled in BIM and scripted to provide data driven, visually immersive digital twins of your marine facility.
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Revolutionize your workflow with Mobile AR from Arc

BIM based Augmented Reality Models from Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. allows owners, facility managers, and AEC professionals to overlay project data in a real-world context, make seamless inspection reports, and coordinate design and construction in a whole new way. Augmented Reality Models may be georeferenced to view proposed conditions or as-built detail on site, viewed in office as a 3D scaled model, or coordinated between field and office. Once initial models are built and configured, AEC clients using Revit may update models and provide instantaneous updates to the field.
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