Residents Say Muskoka River Needs Dredging In Bracebridge

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(Photo via Matt Sitler, Country 102)

Posted July 11, 2019

Councillor says that on Canada Day, children could be seen walking out in knee deep water in the bay during the fireworks...

The Muskoka River needs to be dredged near the falls and its mouth, but who is responsible?

Bracebridge Councillor Steve Clement says he’s heard from quite a few residents recently who want to know where council stands on the need for dredging at the locations.

Clement says during the fireworks on Canada Day, children could be seen walking out in knee deep water, out almost in the middle of the river on the sandbars.

Clement says residents are wondering who’s looking after the dredging issue and at what stage the response is at.

Mayor Graydon Smith (pictured) says it was also an issue a number of years ago and that the Town was given the go around by two tiers of government and told that they would have to pay for it.

Smith says Council is aware there is an issue once again.

“Having been out to the mouth of the river and also up to the falls in my own vessel which has a depth finder on it, you can definitely see it is a challenge for a number of watercraft to get through there, whether through Allport or the North Channel at Patterson Kaye,” he told Council this week.

Smith says the dredging issue will be addressed by the Town once again at an upcoming Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) meeting.