New Ugandan port and rail network to be built

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Abandoned railway in Kisumu port. Credit: Shutterstock

Posted June 25, 2019

Work for the Bukasa inland port in Uganda will not only see the construction of a port terminal, but intermodal rail and road infrastructure to create an East African interstate logistics hub

Uganda is constructing a tri-modal inland port at Bukasa on the shores of Lake Victoria, which the landlocked country says is an important nodal point for container shipping in East Africa. The port will connect Uganda to the neighbouring Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam port and reduce heavy reliance on the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa in Kenya.

When the first phase of the port, which is located 16?km southeast of the capital, Kampala, is successfully completed, it will be possible for additional cargo to be moved from Dar es Salaam port to Uganda by a combination of rail and water.

The Interim Master Plan for the port, developed by German firm Inros Lackner, which has partnered with another German contractor, GAUFF Engineering, for the project, was completed in 2017 and initial preparatory works began in early 2018.