Dredging for a dock

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Nikki Sullivan

Posted April 29, 2019

SYDNEY, N.S. — Crews dredge Sydney harbour in front of the Portside Restaurant, on April 22.

The dredging started up this week and Cape Breton Regional Municipality engineering department says they are currently focusing on finishing this area, south of the existing dock, before moving on to the location of the new one.

The pipe piledriving is “progressing as expected” said Cape Breton Regional Municipality spokeswoman Jillian Moore, who confirmed 26 of the 83 piles have been completed.

Also finished are two new land-based bollards (one to the north and one to the south of the existing dock).

These docks and the dredging at the south end of the existing dock will mean larger cruise ships can use the current berth this summer.

Source: capebretonpost.com