Project Comes in Under Budget for Nanton

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A big project for the Town of Nanton has come in under budget.

Posted April 25, 2019

Good news for a major project in the Town of Nanton.

The cost of dredging out the water reservoir, with 40 years of sediment in it, has come in at under $700,000 down from the 1.25 million dollars council approved in a borrowing bylaw.

The reservoir is filled with 60 percent sludge from Mosquito Creek, leaving only 40 percent to hold water.

Mayor Jennifer Handley says several of the bids came in at below $700,000 and debate about who to hire brought about a lot of discussion at council.

"Council went back and forth over a few considerations. said Handley. "Price was a big consideration, reputation, past references and how local were they were all a part of it."

Canadian Denaturing was awarded the contract and some of the extra money could be used for a couple of other upgrade projects at the water treatment plant.

"With that loan it was kind of the worst case scenario. We knew that it could potentially come in under, but we wanted to be prepared. It is good to have a bit of a contingency as well cause you never know what else may be required."

Residents of Nanton have often complained about the odour and taste of the water coming from the water treatment plant.

"Almost 40 years worth of sediment will of course contribute to the overall equability of our water. The taste, the odour, the colour. This project is long, long overdue. This council is committed to improving our water quality as well as quantity."

Going forward the reservoir will be dredged out every four to five years going forward at a fraction of the cost.