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SMD-Invest Starts Dredging Works at Kherson Seaport


SMD-Invest has started dredging works at the Kherson maritime merchandise port as a winner of the tender of the Kherson branch of state-owned enterprise (SOE) Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority. “The last...

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Authorities Start Dredging of Flood Spill Channel


The Governor administration has ordered dredging of the flood spill channel that spans a vast area from Padshahibagh to far ends of the city in north Kashmir. The devastating floods in 2014 and the...

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PCB Dredging Areas in Hudson Still Polluted

NY, United States

After removing 2.65 million cubic yards of contaminated sediment from the Upper Hudson River, General Electric insists its work is over. But an analysis of samples collected after the cleanup may...

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Weather Delays Lido Key's Beach Renourishment for Fifth Time

FL, United States

Frequent cold fronts are pushing back a badly needed beach re-nourishment project on Lido Key. The beach is critically eroded, and in some areas, buildings are in the water.“We’re not pumping today....

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Egmont Renourishment Halted by Turtle Deaths

FL, United States

The renourishment of Egmont Key’s critically-eroded beaches is at a standstill because the project resulted in the deaths of six sea turtles, the maximum allowed.The $10 million project, which began...

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Fairfield Looking to Dredge Channel Next Winter

CT, United States

The last time the South Benson Marina Channel was dredged was in 2013, a year after Superstorm Sandy hit.But that was an isolated section at the pinch point across from St. Mary’s in Bridgeport,...

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A Win, a Loss and a Tie for City

CA, United States

In one week, Petaluma saw three separate newsworthy events, each offering a different set of implications for city residents on long running issues.First, there was the revelation that the U.S. Army...

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Baltimore Doubles Up

MD, United States

The Port of Baltimore is on a roll. In its 2018 financial year the port came very close to handling 1M TEU in a year for the first time, processing 998,516 TEU. Baltimore has been steadily on the way...

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Funding Approved for New Orleans Landbridge Shoreline Stabilization and Marsh Creation Project

LA, United States

Mayor Cantrell celebrates the funding of the New Orleans Landbridge Shoreline Stabilization and Marsh Creation project intended to help create marshland and stabilize the area around the New Orleans...

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City Will Proceed With Lagoon Dredging

FL, United States

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is providing Port St. Joe commissioners no real choice.The city will move ahead with biological dredging of the wastewater lagoon after the first of...

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New Bedford to Dredge Sassaquin Pond

MA, United States

With a sheet of ice covering Sassaquin Pond behind him, Mayor Jon Mitchell announced Thursday a proposal to devote unused funds to provide for a cleaner environment.The mayor proposed a number of...

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Poole Park Lake Dredging, Bridge Work and 'Sensory Planting' will Start in January

United Kingdom

From January 14, contractors will dredge areas of the saline lagoon (boating lake) and freshwater lakes to make them deeper. All the dredged material will then be used to create new islands and other...

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Lake Erie Port Cities Receive $9.9 Million to Deal with Sediment Dredged from Harbors

OH, United States

The environmental recovery of the Black River and the Port of Lorain has received another shot of funds to help bankroll a new restoration project.On Dec. 3, the Ohio State Controlling Board released...

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Steller Column: Clever Idea — Dredge the Santa Cruz, Cover the Old Dump

United States

This is some strong dirt.Next month, the Pima County Flood Control District will begin removing 150,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Santa Cruz River bed just south and west of downtown.If they...

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Plans to Change Dredging Site on Carlingford Lough Ended


Warrenpoint Port will no longer pursue proposals to change how it deals with dredged material, according to the CEO of Warrenpoint Port.Authorities at the Port had been considering the feasibility of...