Stornoway Harbour Issues New Applications in Bid to Build Deep Water Port and Marine (United Kingdom)

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Posted January 1, 2019

Stornoway Port Authority has published two new applications to allow it to undertake dredging work and construct new deep water port and marina.

Bosses have applied to ministers for marine licences under section 20 of the Marine (Scotland) Act to build the marina and undertake dredging and dredged spoil deposit for the development.

It is also seeking a harbour revision order under section 14 of the Harbours Act, giving it the powers it to maintain works within the harbour.

Both applications, part of the Stornoway Port Authority's 20-year master plan to create a deep-water port, were published today.

It comes as the people of Stornoway are being asked for their feedback on the next stage of major development for the town’s harbour. Plans will allow more super-class cruise liners to berth on the Hebridean islands.

Stornoway Port Authority aims to create a deep-water port which is crucial to accelerate local growth in the burgeoning cruise business, by providing improved facilities for larger ships that cannot currently berth alongside.

The project is the largest single development in Stornoway Port Authority’s history and one of the biggest projects ever undertaken in the Hebrides.

It also plans to create a new marina and associated developments to cater for growing leisure sailing traffic. The project is designed to tackle a shortage of yacht berths and amenities which is constraining potential growth in marine tourism.

Alex Macleod, Stornoway Port Authority’s chief executive, said: “A new marina, together with the reclamation and other developments at the site, will significantly enhance facilities at the port and bring major benefits to the local community and our visitors.

“Seeking the marine licences and harbour revision order is the next step towards achieving these goals.”