Feds Boost New Bedford Offshore Offering

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Posted December 12, 2018

The Port of New Bedford in Massachusetts is to receive federal funding to improve its infrastructure and environment, including a new site for offshore wind staging.

The $15.5m grant has been awarded by the Department of Transportation's Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (Build) initiative.

In addition to the staging site, the money will go to extending the port's bulkhead making room for 60 additional commercial vessels.

Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee and Environment and Public Works Committee member Edward Markey said: “Christmas has come early for the Port of New Bedford, and all of the hard-working fishermen, offshore wind stagers and residents who rely on the Port’s success.

“With this Build Grant, New Bedford will be able to make much needed improvements and expansions to the Port, while eradicating harmful environmental contaminants. It’s a simple formula: better infrastructure equals more commercial activity, and more commercial activity equals greater economic development and job creation for New Bedford and the South Shore.”

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell said: “I want to first express my sincere appreciation to the US Dept of Transportation, and I want to especially acknowledge the strong advocacy of Senator Ed Markey.

“From the moment we presented him with our proposal to dramatically modernise port infrastructure in the Upper Harbour, he recognised its transformative potential and embraced the project.

“This is a win-win-win that helps clean our harbour, creates a much-needed new asset for our fishing industry, and opens the door to new opportunities in offshore wind energy and other marine industries. It is truly a great day for our City and our Port.”

Source: reNEWS.BIZ