Turner Station Moves Forward with Dredge Project

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Posted December 6, 2018

Last month, Turner Station Conservation Teams (TSCT) received $30,000 from an anonymous source for its Fleming Park project.

“This will give us seed money to start up the actual design for the project,” Gloria Nelson, TSCT president, said.

Upon Gov. Larry Hogan’s approval to use dredge materials for projects such as roads and to fill up land, Turner Station has an opportunity to be one of the 10 projects selected by the Army Corps of Engineers for a “Design With Dredge” project that would cater to the shoreline along Fleming Park and continuing to Clement Cove, according to Larry Bannerman, TSCT board member.

According to Nelson, the Fleming Park project aims to protect the Turner Station community from climate change, improve water quality and habitat in Bear Creek, increase waterfront recreational opportunities in Baltimore County, as well as pioneer strategies for the innovative reuse and beneficial use of dredged material in the Chesapeake Bay.

The conceptual design of Fleming Park was developed by Mahan Rykial Associates through collaborative Design with Dredge program.

In the past, Turner Station residents used Fleming Park for crabbing, fishing and site-seeing, but over time the waterfront became consumed with dense perennial grasses.

“Over the summer months, Turner Station has been soliciting support from various politicians and non-profits. This anonymous donor was overly enthusiastic about it and wanted to help because we are are still waiting to hear from the Army Corps of Engineers,” Nelson explained. “We are certainty excited to receive this money, and we hope this will be the beginning of many.”

According to Nelson, there are many people that support the project and would like to see it move forward.

Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski Jr. and his administration stands with Turner Station and will be working to help complete this dredge project, according to Nelson.

There is no dollar amount specified to complete the project because there are so many levels, Nelson explained, however, whatever federal funds are granted for the project, TSCT has to match it.

The donor support is an important milestone in moving the project forward and achieving its current fundraising goals for community outreach, design development and permitting.

“The 30,000 is a start to make the project a reality,” Nelson said.

Source: The Dundalk Eagle