The Belle of Topsail to Become Dredge, Marine Construction Vessel

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Posted November 19, 2018

After almost 12 years in Surf City and 75 years on the water, The Belle of Topsail is headed for a new mission.

According to a post on the Belle of Topsail Facebook page, The Belle left Surf City Monday to the boatyard. Previous posts show the Belle was severely damaged and partially sunk during Hurricane Florence.

“Dave Gardner who has The Vonda Kay and The Queen Jean is taking her and giving her a new life. He is going to make her into a dredge/marine construction vessel,” the owner said on Facebook.

The post also said the Belle will be renamed after Gardner’s Grandfather, WG NIcholson, who died in World War II and served on the submarine Grayback.

“Those who know me, know I love and respect our Vets. I am so happy about this. May the old girl live on and thank BOTH of them for their service!” Owner David Luther said on Facebook.

The post also gave a little history on the Grayback”

“Grayback had just torpedoed a Japanese destroyer and a merchant ship and was subsequently subjected to an all night depth charge attack. She managed to slip away around dawn. In dire need to recharge her batteries she was running for home (Midway) and she was out of torpedoes. The radar had quit working so they didn’t see the Val (Japanese torpedo bomber) diving on them out of the sun. He hit them with a 200lb bomb. They submerged, damaged but able to dive. The plane radioed in the destroyers from the night before and they unleashed a savage depth charge attack. The attack continued until diesel, oil and debris came to the surface. Grayback was lost with all hands in the South China Sea February 27, 1944.”

Source: WWAY3