Swansea Waterfront Committee Selects Contractors

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Posted November 6, 2018

The Waterfront Revitalization Committee unanimously voted to hire contractors for the dredging project and the proposed new building, during its meeting last week.

The members selected Dredgit out of Houston, Texas which was the low bidder at $1,403,419 for the dredging and APC Development Group, Inc of Rockland, Mass. at $1,407,106. The APC bid included a base bid of $1,389,154 with $17,952 to mill and overlay the existing parking lot. In addition, the subcontract bids (roofing, painting, plumbing and electrical, came in at a total of $256,697.

The total of the two bids leaves the town with approximately $210,942 as a contingency. Town Administrator John McAuliffe noted that the contingency is low compared with most projects.

“The project may need help on the back end,” McAuliffe said. “Once you put the shovel in the ground, things change. I think this is tight.”

The committee had invited members of the Advisory and Finance Board to the meeting. A&F Board members, Chairman Timothy Reynolds, Robbie Alford, Sarah Carlson, and Douglas Fiore were present.

Also present was Stephen Kelleher and Patrick Quinlan of Stephen Kelleher Architects.

It was pointed out that both contractors could work simultaneously on their respective projects. The building contractor would like to start before winter to get the foundation placed an the framing. They would then complete it in the spring.

The dredging contractor would like to get started as soon as possible recognizing that they have a short window beginning in November and ending in mid January. The short window is due to the sea life cycles in the waters.

The town revenues include over $1.7 million left from a Town Meeting allocation, $728,000 from the state for dredging and $1 million from the state for the building.

There were two bids for the dredge work, the Dredgit bid and another by Coastline Consulting of Connecticut that came in at $1,627,820. Owners Project Manager Daniel Tavares noted that the dredging outfits are “swamped with work.”

There were eight bidders for the bathhouse building construction job and most were close in price. Construction Dynamic, Inc. of Clinton, Mass. bid $1,483,000 with $45,200 for the parking lot. Tower Construction Corporation of Cranston, R.I. came in at $1,494,000 with $20,000 for the parking.

Architect Kelleher noted that he had worked with the second and third place bidders and found them both to be good contractors.

The other bidders included Coletta Contracting Co., Inc. of Pawtucket at $1,592,000 with $29,950 for the parking lot, Biszko Building Systems of Fall River at $1,605,031 with $63,000 for alternate work, Nadeau Corporation of South Attleboro at $1,626,697 with $26,300, J.J. Cardosi Inc of Riverside, R.I. at $1,668,000 with $44,000 alternate work and Northern Contracting Corporation of Canton, Mass. at $1,929,100 with $39,100 for the alternate work.

Source: SouthCoastTODAY